Best fast/budget/street food in Europe

What is you favorite?

My top 5:

N.5 Klobasa, Brno- Czech rep (can be found in all central Eu)


N. 4 Potato pancakes, Vilnius – Lithuania

Diario di bordo (Via Baltica)


N.3 Zapiekanka, Krakow – Poland



N.2 Burek, Belgrade – Serbia (and in all balkan regions)



And now, ladies & gentlemen, my favorite fast/budget/street food in Europe, N.1 :

PIZZA! Napoli – South italy

Remember that the ONLY, original, pizza, the Margherita one, was born in Napoli and it’s only at Napoli that you can taste it 😉


Enjoy it 😉

6 responses

  1. I agree with you on the pizza in Napoli. I had one in Da Michele which was amazing – well worth the two hour wait for a table!

    1. Good to know that you have tried pizza at ‘da michele’. That is indeed one of the best, with great atmosphere. I thought you only visited northern italy

      1. No, I’ve been all over – Sicily is probably my favourite place after Venice.

      2. In general I like South more than north (just personal taste, of course). Sicily and Puglia are among the best regions in italy. They have culture, ancient history and art, good food, landscapes, sea, good weather…

  2. I love picking up a ham and cheese baguette in Paris.

    1. Not bad idea 😉 Unfortunately I’ve never been in paris

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