2013-03-23 11.29.56Ljubljana is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe.

It has no world-famous attractions, however is a charming city full of artists, museums, and galleries. Ljubljana is also an university city, fulfill by students of the state’s largest university that give a remarkable youthful character to the city. As soon as the weather gives a chance the city erupts with spring flowers planted on its streets and crossroads and people enjoying their time in the many open bar, terraces and every place nearby the bank’s river (Ljubljanica) giving an amazing, lively and pleasant atmosphere. Baroque buildings and the city castle are nice spots to admire, as well as the many bridges crossed by the river, the most famous of which is Tromostovje (Triple Bridge).

2013-03-22 10.39.13 2013-03-22 13.27.30

Going up to the castle:

2013-03-22 10.52.44 2013-03-22 10.54.48 2013-03-22 10.56.30 2013-03-22 10.57.14 2013-03-22 10.59.37 2013-03-22 11.12.15

2013-03-22 11.14.02 2013-03-22 11.01.10

2013-03-22 10.59.47 2013-03-22 11.37.25

Castle old prison cells:

2013-03-22 11.17.49 2013-03-22 11.20.22 2013-03-22 11.21.07 2013-03-22 11.21.28 2013-03-22 11.23.41 2013-03-22 11.26.02 2013-03-22 11.27.54 2013-03-22 11.35.39

Back to city centre and its river

2013-03-22 11.52.00

2013-03-22 11.59.50 2013-03-22 12.00.19

2013-03-22 12.03.59 2013-03-22 12.08.42

2013-03-22 12.02.04 2013-03-22 12.13.27 2013-03-22 12.29.05 2013-03-22 14.29.14

City market where to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, bio products such meat, eggs, honey, spirit…A pleasent time can be spent there, many caffè and bars are beside the market square. Mobile stands offer food like fried fishes, sausages and handmade pizza. My best time in Ljubljana was spent in this square.

2013-03-23 10.44.18 2013-03-23 10.47.37

2013-03-23 10.48.44 2013-03-23 10.55.08

2013-03-23 10.49.08 2013-03-23 10.51.16

2013-03-22 10.34.52

All you can do and see in Ljubljana:

2013-03-23 14.21.04 2013-03-23 14.21.16

Finally…it’s time for a drink 🙂

Human fish is a small brewery in the city, try its beer, is worthed. Union, is a good city beer however is an industrial one.

2013-03-31 20.34.57 2013-03-21 21.39.55


6 responses

  1. Welcome to Ljubljana!:) enjoy discovering it, the town is a jewel that will make you fall in love;)

    1. Hi mona! unfortunately I left already. I spent 3-4 lovely days in Ljubljana and I felt in love with the city, you were right

  2. Lovely city, ideal for doing nothing much in. I preferred the zlatorog beer to the union – someone told me the locals there pick one of the two and never have the other, a bit like supporting a football team.

    1. ahah, beer is like a passion and football club, you are right 😉 In my opinion there are many good things to do in Ljubljana. Hiking, relaxing, drinking, cycling…

      1. I would say a bit of culture also:) classical or urban:) museums,exhibitions,alternative arts,live clubs with live music and comedians, all kinds of alternative music types concerts,festivals,workshops…… all you would need is time and a large budged:)

      2. you are right, but I’m a budget traveller 🙂 Also is important to have time to visit a city. In 3-4 days what you can do is just a basic tour, trying to get as much as possible. Moreover being in touch with locals is the best thing to do

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