Wroclaw or WrocLOVE?

2013-11-04 21.45.32First thing to say about this beautiful polish city is how difficult might be the pronunciation of it…try with ‘vrotzlaf’ or breslavia if you are italian 🙂

After Poznan, football and vodka I reached ‘vrotzlaf’ by blablacar, not an easy ride, Mr. Kuba’s car had a couple of troubles during the way and we were lucky to arrive within 3 hours in the city.

Wroclaw is one of the biggest polish city (after Warsaw and Krakow), with a big student community, intense night-life and nice sightseeing to offer to tourists and travellers.

2013-11-04 17.22.05 First thing I did was to check-in the friendly Friends hostel

Let’s have a look at the city, with an astonishing square and building on the river banks:

2013-11-04 16.13.25 2013-11-04 21.19.44

2013-11-04 21.16.45  2013-11-04 21.20.22

2013-11-04 21.43.59

2013-11-05 13.12.16 Next day, ready for a free walking tour!

The central square, Rinek, one of the biggest in Europe

2013-11-05 10.20.00 2013-11-05 10.22.39 2013-11-05 10.26.33

Symbol of the city, the dwarfts…

2013-11-05 10.28.01 2013-11-05 10.46.04

Street-art, the city has a big connection with design and art

2013-11-05 11.50.02 2013-11-05 11.51.00

Other symbol of the city, the small islands (Ostrow Tumski) and bridges, for this reason it’s called ‘the venice of poland’ for the amount of bridges, I was told around 200???? but I didn’t see so many!!!!

2013-11-05 13.14.46 2013-11-05 13.16.39 2013-11-05 13.22.12 Oh yes, of course this is an other symbol of Poland…

2013-11-05 13.25.11

2013-11-05 13.34.54  Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

As per in Poznan, search for mleczny bar (milk bar) for a cheap and proper local tasty lunch (some of them are: Bar Mewa, Bar Bazylia, Bar Mis), there are also nice canteen-style restaurants that offer buffet meals priced by weight (one in fron t of the university entrance).

Night city tour…

2013-11-05 18.31.50 2013-11-05 18.32.04 2013-11-05 18.38.12 2013-11-05 18.39.25 2013-11-05 18.53.02 2013-11-05 19.07.25

2013-11-06 10.52.32 No! It didn’t happen to me, unfortunatly…anyway this city should be called WrocLOVE!!!!


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