Anarchy in UK!!!! (day two in London)

paulcook …’I’m an anarchist!!!!!!’… 🙂

As you can see from this picture, the biggest event of day two in London was a picture with Paul!!!! I met this ICON of rock/punk while I was sitting with friends in a pub, there was the whole band but I eventually took the courage to ask for a picture only few seconds before they were leaving. Great memory for this short trip.

The whole day it was spent outside, weather helped, not cold to be in december.

I was lucky to have Cristina showing me around, starting from ‘little venice’, which I would rather call ‘little amsterdam’, there is nothing about venice in there!

2013-12-02 12.07.36 2013-12-02 12.09.16

2013-12-02 12.17.50 2013-12-02 12.20.01 2013-12-02 12.20.21 2013-12-02 12.21.18 2013-12-02 12.26.01 2013-12-02 12.26.20 2013-12-02 12.26.43 2013-12-02 12.27.12 2013-12-02 12.28.45 2013-12-02 12.30.15

After a quick lunch with an italian panini we moved toward the centre, convent garden, china-town, soho, Piccadilly circus, Trafalgar, st.james park (where I saw a fox), the royal palace, the parliament building and the big ben…

2013-12-02 13.42.35 2013-12-02 15.00.02 2013-12-02 15.08.15

2013-12-02 15.37.30  2013-12-02 15.41.53

2013-12-02 15.47.53 2013-12-02 15.54.22 2013-12-02 15.59.35 2013-12-02 16.02.06 2013-12-02 16.03.06 2013-12-02 16.13.45 2013-12-02 16.16.13 2013-12-02 16.16.51 2013-12-02 16.17.25 2013-12-02 16.18.11 2013-12-02 16.22.13 2013-12-02 16.42.09 2013-12-02 16.43.27 2013-12-02 16.43.38 2013-12-02 16.45.43 2013-12-02 16.47.40

2013-12-02 16.48.39

3 responses

  1. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know who is with you in the top photo, and I like punk, WHO IS IT?!

    1. c’mon!!!! 🙂 he is Paul Cook, Sex Pistols drummer and founder. Already from the title ‘anarchy in uk’ I gave some clue 😉

      1. Who remembers drummers?! I was expecting Johnny or Sid!

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