5 Things to do in Dublin…

pennybridge Dublin is an easy destination to reach by ferry (from Uk) or plane. Dublin is rightly known as a place of feverish fun and festivities, which makes it such a brilliant destination for a weekend trip when you need a bit of cheering up.

You will spend the weekend exploring the area and getting to know the people who live there, and other people like you who are just visiting. It is hard to leave without a smile being plastered across your face, and many fond memories made to reminisce about at a later date. So if you want the best experience that Dublin has to offer, make sure you add these things to your itinerary:

1-Go on a walking tour: There are many different walking tours you could go on in this amazing city. Yet the Dublin walking tours on the Hidden Dublin website will probably be extra tempting to you. Why not consider the ‘Haunted History Ghost Tour’ which departs at 8pm on a Saturday evening from The Small Square next to City Hall. For €13 you will have an evening of exploring the most haunted places in Dublin. You will hear spooky tales from the history books, as well as seeing the places where gruesome things have happened in the past. It could be a super supernatural evening for you and your travel companion.

guinness2-Get yourself a Guinness: Once you have spooked yourself out, you could head to one of the many taverns and pubs in Dublin for a steadying pint of Guinness. However if this isn’t enough of the black stuff, you could visit the Guinness Storehouse in the heart of the St James’s Gate Brewery. You will learn all sorts about the world famous beer, and you will also be able to go to the Gravity Bar where a complimentary pint will be served for you. The bonus is the 360 degree views you will get across the city.

3-Go to the zoo: There are some zoos that are mightily impressive, and Dublin is amongst their ranks. There are many rare and exotic animals here, including giraffes, zebras and elephants. This is a brilliant place to head to if you have children with you, or you are just a kid at heart. Either way, the tigers, bats, and chimpanzees will be there for you to see; so remember to bring your camera along!

4-Visit the National Gallery of Ireland: If you are in the mood to absorb a bit of culture, you could take a walk around the city centre before making your way to the National Gallery of Ireland. The collection is vast, featuring 2,500 paintings and over 10,000 other works of art. There are all sorts of pieces to see, including watercolours, drawings, prints and sculptures. Must see pieces include those by Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet.

howthfaro 5-Howth is home to a handful of Irish celebrities including Gay Byrne and Dolores O’Riordan. Walking the cliff walk or climbing the Ben of Howth, a 561 ft (171 m) high hill on Howth Head, on a fine day is well worth your time. Although the water may be too cold to enjoy a swim, Howth has a small stretch of beach that has a beautiful view of mountains in the distance. There is a walking trail starting east of the town that follows the cliffs all over to the southern part of the peninsula. Take the leftmost road from the harbour. The cliff’s trail is indicated to the left a bit further.The view is breathtaking and it’s really worth the walk. Along the way, you’ll come across Dublin’s most visible lighthouse, the Bailey Lighthouse (open for tours once a year during the summertime Howth Peninsula Festival). The southern part gives a great view of Dublin’s bay and the city itself. The whole tour takes between 3 and 4 hours. If you took bus 31B to Howth’s Summit, reach the lighthouse from there (15 minutes walk), and do half the track — towards the north or the south. When you get off the bus, you will see The Summit Inn and a steep upward road beside it. Follow that road to the summit carpark at the top and from there you can choose North(left) or South(right). North will be busier but if you go South, you will be disorientated when you reach the end as it comes out about 10 minutes walk from a bus-stop. So north may work better. It is also possible to go towards the center of the peninsula and walk to the three hills that dominate Dublin’s view over the ocean.

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  1. How many euros is a pint of Guinness in Dublin these days? I went in 2007 and think I paid €4.

  2. those were golden years. Now it costs avarage 5€ in the centre, 4€ only in suburbs

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