Dear readers

Dear fellow travellers,

my name is Pierluigi (Pedro for friends) an italian dreamer and backpacker.

As traveling is my favorite activity I’ve decided to dedicate a website to it and to all travelling in Europe.

Visit my website:


2012-06-04 16.35.03The aim of this project is to provide general information about cities and countries combined with any tips and suggestions about options available at best valued price.

This website has also the goal to give more space to local businesses, family run activities, alternative way of tourism and traveling, no-profit communities, fair-trade focused business instead than usual corporation and globalized brands.

My dream would be to create a net of independent travelers willing to exchange feedback and info, to make new friends, helping each others, meeting.

This is the real spirit of traveling!

travel.jpgMeeting new people and making new friends, sharing anything we have from food to ideas, having great time together…making a better world.Traveling is magic, it helps to understand how wonderful is this planet and how many good people are living on it, doesn’t matter the nationality, religion, skin color…

…’The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’…

Watch my video

I hope you will enjoy my pages. Any feedback, comment  and amendment on information provided is more than welcome and appreciated. If you are on fb like my page

Follow my tour with tips and info and watch my pictures from South italy…


banksy…’under(European)skin‘ – alternative topics and way of discovering Europe

Immagine 009…Sweden (and scandinavian coutries)…



starobrno2Czech Republic

Diario di viaggio: Budva&MontenegroMontenegro (and Macedonia)



Viaggio in Ukraina (parte seconda)Ukraine

inn 015Innsbruck


…and much much more!


20 responses

  1. Why, when the world is a stage, do we feign to act in it. Live it my Man Fucken Live it Yeah!!!”!!

      1. Travel Love Life

        Hola, it Veronika from Travel Live Life and I have nominated you for Leibster Blog Award. You can take a look here – . Thank you for your inspirational stories!

      2. Thanks a lot for the nomination! 😉 unfortunately I haven’t much time to go through the rules and such, last time I did a similar nomination stuff it took me a day 🙂 However I like your blog too!!!!

  2. Hi! We would certainly post the top picture at toemail if you don’t mind? Just need the location and we would be good to go!

      1. and so what? 🙂
        I have sent another picture to you, I hope you can post it 😉

      2. Ok, then, was a little confused about the top picture. nevermind 🙂 And we will let you know when the new one is posted !

  3. Hello, thank you for the kind comments on our blog (re: The Streets of Napoli). I really enjoyed Napoli and will definitely make every effort to go back 🙂

    1. sorry for the delay with my answer. It was a pleasure for me to see your nice pictures and words about my city 😉

  4. Hello!

    I have followed your blog avidly since I joined WordPress and I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. I hope it helps your community and ideas to grow.

    Take a look at this:


    1. Thanks a lot Kirsty! I’m pleased to read it and I’ll do the same with you

  5. Do you travel alone? What are your next plans?

    1. Hi Akabelle! yes I travel on my own, I like to feel independent and everywhere I go is easy to find nice people to have a chat with. Tomorrow I’m starting my new tour: Romania, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Rep

      1. I like this route. Salute my town if you travel by Turda or Cluj-Napoca, Romania. And well, if you would like to have a coffee in Prague, just let me know.

      2. I’ll go to Constanta and from there to Varna and to Istanbul, From Istanbul up to Plovdiv, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest and Brno. I’m not planning to visit Prague (I was there many times, as I used to live in Brno for 3 years), however you are very kind and in case I’ll contact you

  6. You have a nice website and blog. Thank you for stopping by my blog about my European trip. I wouldn’t call this a budget trip that I am making, but I am celebrating a significant birthday.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I hope you will enjoy and celebrate in the best possible way your tour and birthday

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