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‘Very Inspiring Bloggers Award’

This post is to announce that I have been nominated for a ‘Very Inspiring Bloggers Award’.

To accept the award the rules are as follows:

1) Display the Award logo:

2) Link back to the blogger who nominated you: DONE (Thanks to Central Station )
3) State seven things about yourself:

1) I love travelling, meeting interesting people and discover new places and things 2) my nickname is pedro, I’m quite proud of it 3) I like to share experiences, opinion, feeling, stories, knowledge… 4) I believe in a better world, with people helping eachothers, no wars, no hatred, no slavery, no poverty…what we should do is just to change EVERYTHING in our current life…and understand that politicians are not doing anything good to us 5) I love Nature and this planet and I do my best to limit the enviromental impact on it: do not waste, recycle and respect! 6) I need someone to love me 7) I’m not perfect and one day I’ll die
4) Nominate 15 bloggers for the award (in random order)

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