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First year!

2 One year ago I decided to create and launch my website ( after have spent the previous year, travelling in Europe, mostly ‘on the road’ (Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Rep, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Macedonia, Albania, italy, Ukraine…).

Since that day I’m still ‘beating’ the road, visiting european cities and enjoying the pleasure to be amazed by the beauty of this continent, every single day!

However one thing has been (and always will be) more important than a nice building, a historical church, a museum, a landscape… every person I have met (and I’m going to meet) during this life-path.

I have learnt that the majority of people are nice, happy to help, open to listen, ready to live a proper life together with other people, sharing, smiling, loving each other.

If you are like them I can only say: Obrigado, thanks, arigatou, gracias, dekuji, grazie, merci, blagodaria, hvala, multumesc, tak, danke, aciu, dziekuje, spasibo, dakujem, komawo, diakoiu…

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5Porto is where my current trip started, 2 weeks ago.

I’m now in Seville, in Spain, planning to spend almost a month here, to escape the winter – so far is incredibly working…!!!

In the next days I’ll post pictures from Lisbon and Seville.

I highly recommend to visit Porto for its beautiful landscape and charming atmosphere.

Plus its historical centre is listed at the UNESCO heritages


hostel My first tip is about the hostel, Porto Alive is very close to Sao Bento railway and metro stations.

Enjoy the free walking tour, twice a day, it will show you the best spots in Porto, tells you lots of interesting, curious and funny stories. Walk down to the river bank, take pictures from the panoramic spots and enjoy the view of the wonderful decoration of churches and houses with hand craft majolica.

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Do not miss the chance to cross the bridge for a stunning view of the city from the ‘other’ side

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For a cheap meal go to one of the many pastellaria – pastries shop


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