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Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its name is tight with the america discovery.

Geographically the city is one of the southest in Europe. It is almost an island, surrounded by the atlantic ocean, connected to the european continent only by an istmo.

Cadiz was under domination of the ancient carthaginians, phoenicians, greeks, romans, arabs…which means that the city has assimilated a bit of all these cultures and histories.

How to get to Cadiz? Closest airport is at Jerez de la Frontera, however from Sevilla or any other destination in Spain I strongly recommend to use blablacar, it’s way cheaper than bus or train. An example? Train from Sevilla costs little more than 15€, a blablacar ride is 7 or 8€…

An hostel in Cadiz is Cadiz Inn Backpackers, very close to the bus and train stations, in the old town.

10295792_392824447526911_3105097104535277805_nHere some reasons to visit Cadiz:

-Seafood and ‘caracoles‘ (snails): both are typical from here. For a cheap seafood try at ‘La gorda te da de comer‘. You can get caracoles and a ‘caña‘ (small glass of beer) for 3€ in many andalusian bars

-Carnival: One of the most known and funny carnivals in Europe

-‘Cuba’: The old city has something that remind Havana, scenes of the James Bond movie ‘Die another day’ were filmed here. Also people in Cadiz are very friendly and talkative.

-Sherry: The famous drink to be fair is not from Cadiz but from Jerez de la Frontera, just 30 km far from the city

-Beach: The best reason to visit Cadiz! One of the best city beaches in Europe. Go to ‘Playa la Caleta‘ for the beautiful sunset.


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