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Ready to hit the road

1514620_380886425387380_4428249408742633151_nHi my fellow travellers!

I’ve been travelling and living in Spain for 10 days now and I’m looking forward to telling you some of the stories I’ve had so far, starting with the unique and huge celebration of easter in Sevilla (semana santa –  holy week).

Before it, let me give some space to my idea, to increase visibility in this large community of bloggers.

I’ve made 3 t-shirts with my webpage address and 3 slogans that fully represent me:

-Hitch hike (with the notorious symbol of fb)

-Ready to hit the road (modifying one of my favorite piece of street-art)

-Backpackers tryathlon (a camera for the sightseeing; a beer for the leisure, a bunk bed for our deserved rest in the hostel)

Which one do you like the most?

Of course if you will happen to meet a guy with one of those t-shirts, it will be most certainly me, so don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat (and a beer!) together 🙂

First year!

2 One year ago I decided to create and launch my website ( after have spent the previous year, travelling in Europe, mostly ‘on the road’ (Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Rep, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Macedonia, Albania, italy, Ukraine…).

Since that day I’m still ‘beating’ the road, visiting european cities and enjoying the pleasure to be amazed by the beauty of this continent, every single day!

However one thing has been (and always will be) more important than a nice building, a historical church, a museum, a landscape… every person I have met (and I’m going to meet) during this life-path.

I have learnt that the majority of people are nice, happy to help, open to listen, ready to live a proper life together with other people, sharing, smiling, loving each other.

If you are like them I can only say: Obrigado, thanks, arigatou, gracias, dekuji, grazie, merci, blagodaria, hvala, multumesc, tak, danke, aciu, dziekuje, spasibo, dakujem, komawo, diakoiu…

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Matera: passion of Christ

2013-08-15 19.38.04One of my last tour at Matera, a Southern italian city listed at Unesco heritage, famous for Gibson’s movie ‘Passion of Christ’, filmed in its wonderful old city, called ‘i sassi’.

Interesting info about ‘i sassi’ can be read here.




And now some pictures:



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2013-08-15 18.00.092013-08-15 18.25.30

2013-08-15 18.23.58  2013-08-15 18.26.59

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