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Feria: when spanish people party hard!

feria11Spanishs are, in my opinion, the best ‘party animals’ among europeans. Hemingway would support (better to say that he ispired) my believe.

If you want to see how much they are ‘commited’ you shouldn’t miss the ‘feria’.
Feria‘, in andalusian region, is the city fair. It’s an event that involve the whole city and it keeps the traditions.
You will see the ladies wearing traditional ‘gitana‘ dresses and men riding horses with traditional and fancy spanish countryside dresses.

Feria‘ falls usually few weeks after the ‘semana santa’, it is celebrated in the biggest andalusians cities and towns.

feria4Sevilla has the biggest and most famous one (however over crowded and touristy).
What’s happening during ‘feria‘? Party, party, party and…party!
In Sevilla it starts, with fireworks, on monday at midnight and it lasts until sunday midnight, when, again, a fireworks show will end the event.

Sevilla has a specific zone of the city dedicated to the feria, don’t worry you can’t miss it, just follow the pictoresque crowd and you will find yourself in a space with small ‘caseta‘ – stands decorated in andalusian style, where is possible to drink, eat, sing and dance flamenco and sevillana for almost 24 hours per day.

Unfortunately most of the ‘casetas‘ are private and you need to know someone to get in, several public ‘casetas’ are available too, but, according to locals, the fun and atmosphere are not the same.

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A piece of ‘italy’ in Spain


Are you in Seville and want to discover something more, for a day trip?


The archeological site of ‘Italica’ is a good option then.


The site is an ancient roman city, founded by the general Scipio africanus and birthplace of the roman emperor, Trajan.


To get there from the autobus station in Plaza de armas, in Seville, get a bus to Santiponce, it is just 12km/30 mins trip, ticket is bought directly from the driver (1,55€). There are buses almost every 30 minutes.


The entrance at ‘Italica’ is FREE, for all EU citizens. The complete tour is around 2 and half hours.

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Hostel hard(core) life… ;)

1422584_387598811382808_7735200764249528277_n Working (and living!) in a hostel is NEVER boring.

There are always people around you, after some days you start to get used to noises, the lack of privacy, sharing spaces and it begins the best part, enjoying all the benefits of such life: meeting people from all over the world, learn many new things and words in different languages, make new friends and contacts, have fun, think positive and much much more.

I could write a book about all the nice stories I’ve heard, the places that were described to me and other guests, the differences among all nationalities and regions, the traditions, uses and people…but I had never came across this 🙂