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Trapani: Sicily. South italy

1514962_460629950746360_1089747667841834454_nTrapani is a small city in Sicily, the beautiful mediterranean island in South italy.

Thanks to an airport with low cost flights, Trapani can be perfect for a late autumn/winter break. From the airport there is a shuttle bus that run every hour, price is almost 5 Euro.

I spent 3 days at the beginning of this month and it was pleasent, to say the least, to sunbath, swimm in a clear and refreshing sea. Sea, warm weather, kind and hospitable locals, tasty fresh food will be part of your staying in Trapani.

The city doesn´t boast hords of tourists, actually is pretty unrated and rarely known. If you are a real traveller and explorer, this is a dream!

Knowledge of italian is necessary, however sicilians, as southern italians know the art of body/hand language, eventually you will manage a somehow conversation 🙂



What to do in Trapani?

– Enjoy the sea, Trapani has the best city beaches in the whole italy. In the evening a relaxing jogging at the promenade.

– Try local food at the many small restaurants. Fish is the main dish, sword-fish and tuna on the top. Couscous is also very tipycal, influence of the close-by north africa is strong.

– Visit Erice, a medioeval small town on the top of a hill, you will be surprised by: 1) the stunning view 2) temperature gap (especially in summer…) 3) lovely narrow streets and atmosphere

– In summer time take a ferry to the Egadi island Favignana, once there rent a bike. When you come back home, you could tell me: ´Thanks!´ 🙂


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