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Puglia/Apulia: I’m back!

11701173_10207406608827728_7323482673874866541_nMy European low-budget/backpacking tour is over since November, last year.

I’m back to reality, to an office job and daily routine. Not everything is wrong with these changes of life. I met love, which makes me happy even during my boring working life… 🙂

This summer was the right time to show my favorite region to my Eva, and I would like to highlight it as well to my few readers. She felt in LOVE with deep SOUTH italy.

I’m going to write few lines in the next days, letting the pictures speaking the most.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the view of Puglia.

Soon I’ll post more pictures about:

-Polignano a mare, city of Domenico Modugno and his legendary song, Voooolareeee!


-Alberobello, capital of the ‘trulli’ region


-Jonio sea, best sea of continental italy!

11692524_582179228591431_6320837522895464485_n   11693801_582179255258095_6493696589438731787_n

-Grottaglie, city of ceramic


-Taranto, ancient Sparta colony

11698811_10207406592787327_4555504329609564052_n   11709612_10207406592227313_3374281624036692222_n

-Ostuni, the ‘white pearl’ and Locorotondo, among the 100 most beautiful villeges in italy


travel and…work

sevfriendsFor those who, like me, travels a lot and on a tight budget, looking for a job that can support during the time spent away from home is a great idea.
Thanks to internet, nowadays it’s easy to find a casual job (especially for english speakers).

What interested me were websites that connect farms (especially organic, bio farms), small hostels for backpackers, bed & breakfasts and other family-run business, with independent travelers who want to extend their travel experience, to something that tie them even more with the visited places.
As far as I know, the first idea was the creation of the project ‘wwoof’ (World – Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ).
Last winter I worked, as a volunteer, in exchange for accommodation in a hostel in Seville.
Today I am leaving for Spain, to repeat this incredible adventure.
I preferred a hostel to a farm, to stay in touch with other travelers and backpackers like me, to extend the network of acquaintances and friendships made so far, and I have to say that it worked so well that I’m going back at Sevilla Inn backpackers.
How does it work this work-exchange stuff?

You sign up to websites such as wwoof, workaway, helpx … –  you pay a small annual fee that allows you to search for a job, contact the hosting business and offer yourself to it. If you find to like each others, pack your backpack and go! 🙂

Read carefully the terms offered, each host can require different tasks and type of help. Even what is offered, in exchange for your time and help, varies. A basic accommodation is offered to all, but it can be in shared rooms, in a tent, a caravan … Usually, on the basis of the work and the hours required you can also get the meals.

The majority of hosts are lovely people, who are looking for someone to help them, but mostly for people with whom socialize.

The network has now expanded a lot, so be careful (especially in some countries, Italy in the first place … ) to those who seek to take advantage of this opportunity to get free labor and exploit ‘workers’.
On the same hand those who choose to work without a salary are usually generous and curious people, not interested to gain money, only to live new experience, but even here, many new members take this opportunity simply to save on accommodation costs …


Sevilla (part one)



What can you see in Sevilla in one day?


Here my walking tour of the city with the major sightseeing spots:


-(pictures above)Plaza de toros, bull fighting arena, one of the biggest in Spain

-Canal Alfonso XII, where students and people are jogging, walking, sunbathing, having pic-nic…

3 13


-Torre del oro (golden tower)



-Plaza de Espana, a wonderful building made for the southern america EXPO in 1929

5 6

-Catedral, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) in the world

8 9


Of course there is much more, I haven’t considered any entrance in museum, in the Real Alcazar, churches etc…