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Day trip at Crespi d’Adda (UNESCO)

2013-09-07 16.51.08 Second day trip that I’d like to suggest if you are visiting Milano is at Crespi d’Adda (more info can be found on this wikipedia page).

This is a ‘company town’ in a kind of ‘Ford model’, with houses for workers and employees built around the area where the industry had been established. The owner of the industry not only built houses, he concerned about recreational and social activities too.

The site is on Unesco’s list.

Unfortunately my pictures won’t be able to show how interesting is this place, maybe an upper view would be ideal, however I can ensure that a walk in this area is more than pleasant. It seems to walk breath in a recent past.


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Day trip: Trezzo sull’adda

2013-09-07 16.09.13If you are visiting Milano and want to discover something nice around the city an option for a day trip is Trezzo sull’adda, a nice town established on the bank of river Adda, which divide Milano and Bergamo provinces.

Trezzo has a nice castle as well as a pleasant pedestrian street in the centre. Of course the river, to enjoy fresh air, a nice and healthy walk.

The town and its surroundings were a favorite destination even for the great Leonardo Da Vinci.

In the famous italian novel ‘I promessi Sposi’, written by Alessandro Manzoni, Trezzo had been mentioned several times, Manzoni described the territory as the border with the former Venice’s republic.

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