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Budapest (again)

2013-05-02 23.33.51 Budapest is such a beautiful city, however it seems to have something against me…twice I got ill while I was there. Last time it was in January, this year, and I could blame the cold winter temperature, this time, maybe, was the extreme cold air conditioning system in the night train from Belgrade. Yes, that famous (and infamous) night I wrote about here.

As consequence I couldn’t enjoy my time in Budapest as I wished, however I’m sure I’ll visit again this city.

2013-05-02 23.34.09 2013-05-02 23.41.14

Bridges (above) that connect the west part (Buda) to the eastern one (Pest) separated by the Danube river; The hungarian parliament (below), a wonderful neo-gothic style palace, inspired to the british parliament.

2013-05-02 11.09.07

2013-05-02 13.32.44   2013-05-02 11.01.18