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Garda’s lake (italy)


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Spanish photo tour

cadizCadiz is said to be the oldest city in western Europe, as it was founded by Phoenician sailors about 3.000 years ago.  Everyone should visit the Cathedral in the old town and climb to the top of the North Tower for a nice view of the entire city.  Do not miss Carnaval in Cadiz, one of the oldest and best in Spain, often cited as the third biggest Carnaval celebration in the world. Singing, dancing and costumes run for the whole week. Make your travel plans early as most accommodation gets booked months in advance and be prepared to spend almost double for the week of Carnaval. One way to experience Carnaval on the dime, and perhaps the preferred way of Andalusian locals, is to board an afternoon train heading to Cadiz, spend the night singing and dancing, then catch the first train back in the morning. Expect singing, dancing, costumes and drinking on all trains. Sleeping on the public beach is also another popular option, though be sure to bring a blanket or sleeping bag, both of which can be stored in lockers at the train station; expect company and use common sense


Granada is rich in both history and culture, it is arguably the single most worthwhile city in Spain for a tourist. In addition to a rich multicultural history, the Alhambra and other monuments, Granada offers a student-driven nightlife, skiing and trekking in the nearby Sierra Nevada. With much more cultural interest than other cities like Malaga, Granada is never overcrowded (although one should still book tickets to the Alhambra at least one day in advance). Do not miss the Albayzín (on a hill above the center of town and across from the Alhambra), an ancient Muslim neighborhood. Among its narrow, winding streets one will find beautiful white-washed old buildings, splendid Arabic shops and restaurants, scenic gardens, and marvelous views of Granada and the Alhambra. Today part of a UNESCO World Heritage site (along with the nearby neighborhood of Sacromonte).

sivigliaplazaespanaThe nightlife of Seville is fantastic; no other European city has so many bars per inhabitant than Seville. In summer go to Isla Cartuja and find out why the Spanish night doesn’t stop before 7AM

Feria de abril. To say this is a huge party is an understatement. Most if not all of Seville takes a weeks holiday and they plan for the Fair months in advance.  The day is naturally split in two and between noon and 8PM the streets of the fair throng with horses as riders and carriages strut their stuff dressed in traditional Spanish robes. After 8 the streets are cleared and “Calle del Inferno” comes to life. The Fair is one of the best festivals in Spain and appeals to everything thats great about Spain: traditional dress, Flamenco, guitars, great tapas and people dancing, eat and drink the day and night away.

sivigliaplazatoros  sivigliacorrida


Valencia is famous for its Fallas Festival in March (see more info here), for being the birthplace of paella (To recognize “real” local paella from tourist junk, avoid any places with large paella pictures on the door step. This is a sure sign for frozen/microwaved paella.), for hosting the “2007 & 2010 America’s Cup”, and for the massive architectural project by Santiago Calatrava called The City of Arts and Sciences.Its historic centre is one of the largest in Spain, this heritage of ancient monuments, views and cultural attractions makes Valencia one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Major monuments include Valencia Cathedral, the Torres de Serranos, the Torres de Quart, and the Llotja de la Seda (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996).

Playa de Malvarrosa and Playa e Levante o de la arenas are the most popular city beaches. El Saler is the nicest and best developed beach near Valencia. Devesa is undeveloped and has nice surroundings. At Devesa and Playa Pinedo there are nudist sections.

A great fest to not be missed is La Tomatina, hosted by nearby Buñol on the last Wednesday of August. A festival that involves thousands of participants throwing ripe tomatoes at each other.

Tarifa and Gibraltar

tarifa gibilterra


Ronda is set in and around a deep gorge spanned by an impressive bridge, the relaxing atmosphere here is a great break from some of the more tourist-ridden places on the south coast of Spain. The old city of Ronda, beyond the new bridge is full of twisting and narrow streets.

The large and incredible bridge over the gorge (el Tajo), finished in 1793. The height from top to bottom is about 100 m, like a 30 floor building. Inside the bridge there is a small museum

Festival in Spain:

ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH 2013 (Festival, Reggae) Benicàssim

LA TOMATINA 2013 (Food fight, Street event) Bunol (Valencia) 28/8/2013

LES FOGUERES DE SAN JUAN 2013 (Street event, Folk) Alicante, 20/6/2013 – 24/6/2013

SAN FIRMINO 2013 (Street event, Bizarre) Pamplona, 06/7/2013 – 14/7/2013

RUNNING OF THE NUDES 2013 (Bizarre, Street event) Pamplona, Spain

Bilbao Bkk Live (rock, alternative) Bilbao


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Germany and Berlin


This page is in english unionjack and italian – Questa pagina è anche in versione italiana italy

unionjack Germany, culturally, is one of the most influential country in Eupope. Known for its precision engineering and high-tech products, it is admired by visitors for its charm and coziness. Germany will surprise you with its many regions and local diversity. Germany’s famous alpine spirit and beer culture is mostly centered around Bavaria and Munich. The annual Oktoberfest is Europe’s most visited festival and the world’s largest fair. Germany’s south-western regions, however, are well known for their wine growing areas and Bad Dürkheim, on the ‘German Wine Route’ (Deutsche Weinstraße), organises the biggest wine festival worldwide.

italy La Germania è una delle nazioni europee più influenti culturalmente, e una delle principali potenze economiche mondiali. E’ altrettanto ammirata dai visitatori per il suo fascino antico e l’intimità dei suoi paesaggi e paesi. La Germania ti sorprenderà con le sue molte diversità locali.
La maggior parte dei viaggiatori, forse, abbina alla Germania solo con la birra e Oktoberfest, ma la cultura della birra è per lo più incentrata in Baviera. Qui la birra è tradizionalmente servita in tazze da 1 litro L’Oktoberfest è la festa più visitata d’Europa e la più grande fiera del mondo. La Germania sud-occidentale, è nota per le zone viticole, la ‘Strada del Vino tedesco’ (Deutsche Weinstraße) organizza il più grande festival del vino in tutto il mondo con oltre 600.000 visitatori l’anno.

berlintriumphlightsBerlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, its many cafes, clubs, and bars, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest. Berlin’s architecture is quite varied. Although badly damaged in the final years of World War II and broken apart during the Cold War, Berlin has reconstructed itself greatly, especially with the reunification push after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Berlino è la capitale tedesca, conosciuta per l’ambiente internazionale e la tolleranza, la vivace vita notturna, i suoi numerosi caffè, club e bar, artisti di strada, e numerosi musei, palazzi, e altri siti di interesse storico. Sebbene gravemente danneggiata negli ultimi anni della seconda guerra mondiale e separata durante la Guerra Fredda, Berlino è cresciuta molto, soprattutto con la spinta riunificazione dopo la caduta del muro di Berlino nel 1989.

Act like a local!


– Watch a football match (if you are in Berlin most popular clubs are Union Berlin and Herta Berlin). Is an an exciting way to enjoy your time in Germany

Bicycles are a very popular method of transportation among Berlin residents. Seeing Berlin by bicycle is a great way to have fun and sightseeing at same time. Berlin has no steep hills and offers many bicycle paths throughout the city

– A currywurst is a bratwurst sausage covered in ketchup and curry powder. You can find them all over Berlin by street vendors. It’s a must try when in Berlin. Another famous thing to eat in Berlin is Döner,it is filled with Lamb or chicken meat and vegetables, available at many turkish stands. According to legend it was invented by Turkish immigrants in West Berlin during the 1970s.

berlincharlie– In Berlin is very common to go out for breakfast or brunch, between breakfast and lunch, usually from 10AM to 4PM.

– Warschauer Straße, Ostkreuz (Eastcross) and Frankfurter Street are very famous meeting points in Berlin. Berliners love to drink cocktails, and it’s a main socializing point for young people. Many people like to meet their friends in a cocktail bar before clubbing. Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, and Friedrichshain are the main areas

– Clubbing days are Thursday, Friday and especially Saturday, but some clubs are open every day of the week. Partying in Berlin starts around midnight (weekends) and peaks around 2AM or 3AM in the normal clubs, a bit later in many electro/techno clubs. Berlin is famous for its long and decadent after hours, going on until Monday evening

berlinchurch-I tedeschi sono generalmente cordiali, anche se lo stereotipo che possono essere severi e freddi a volte è vero. Basta essere educati e corretti per non avere problemi. Hanno grande valore l’onestà, il diritto di parlare, di essere in grado di far fronte alle critiche e in genere non sprecare il tempo degli altri. Un altra regola generale è: sii puntuale!
– Guarda una partita di calcio (se sei a Berlino i club più popolari sono la Union Berlino e Herta Berlino). È un modo emozionante per trascorrere la tua visita a Belrino ed in Germania
– Le biciclette sono un metodo molto popolare di trasporto tra i residenti di Berlino. Vedere Berlino in bicicletta è un ottimo modo per divertirsi e visitare la città. Berlino non ha molti sali-scendi e offre numerose piste ciclabili in tutta la città
– Sai che cosa è un currywurst? E ‘un wurstel coperto di ketchup e curry in polvere. Li potete trovare in tutta Berlino da venditori ambulanti. E’ assolutamente da provare, quando si va a Berlino. Un’altra cosa nota da mangiare a Berlino è Döner, si tratta di una focaccia, ripieni di carne di agnello o pollo e verdure, disponibile in molti stand turco. Anche se è considerata turca, secondo la leggenda, in realtà è nato in Germania, è stato inventato da immigrati turchi a Berlino Ovest durante gli anni 1970.
-A Berlino è molto comune uscire fuori a fare colazione o il brunch (si può mangiare a buffet, di solito tra 10:00-16:00, per € 4 a € 12).
– Warschauer Straße, Ostkreuz e Frankfurter Street sono i punti di incontro famosi a Berlino. Berlinesi amano bere cocktail. Molte persone amano incontrare i loro amici in un bar cocktail prima di andare in discoteca. Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Schöneberg e Friedrichshain sono le aree principali
– Giorni di vita notturna e clubbing sono Giovedi, Venerdì e Sabato in particolare, ma alcuni club sono aperti tutti i giorni della settimana. La vita notturna a Berlino inizia intorno a mezzanotte (fine settimana) un po’ più tardi in molti electro / techno club. Berlino è famosa per i suoi after-hours, in corso fino a Lunedi


berlinstart– Getting in Berlin, bear in mind that Tegel International Airport does not have any railway station, so, do not take any train to the “Tegel railway (S-Bahn) station”, which is not connected to the airport. It is not possible to walk or to otherwise get easily to the airport from that station. Only buses from Tegel International Airport operate to Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof (bus TXL), and Zoologischer Garten (buses X9 and 109) for the standard ticket fare . Its takes around 45 minutes to Alexanderplatz – it is much quicker to get off at Hauptbahnhof or Zoologischer Garten and change to the S-Bahn (the bus ticket remains valid for this).

– If you arrive at Schönefeld airport (is the base for most low-cost airlines) take an Express Train (RB7 or RB14) rather than the S-Bahn (S9 or S45). These Express trains run to and from central Berlin (Mitte) every half hour from 5am-11.30pm and take approx 25 min to/from Alexanderplatz; 30 min to/from Berlin Hauptbahnhof and 35 min to/from Zoologischer Garten. The trains are big and comfortable and run a far quicker service.

– From/to Berlin there are night trains to/from Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and Budapest run every day. Booked in advance they can be as cheap as €29. Popular with backpackers so reservations are strongly recommended

P1080458– Berlin public transportation standard tickets are valid for any travel within two hours of validation, in a single direction, within the appropriate fare zones. There is no limit to transfers. For a single journey you can buy a cheap Kurzstrecke for €1.40, but this is only valid for 3 stops on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn (six stops by bus or tram); no transfers are permitted.

Eating out in Berlin is incredibly inexpensive compared to any other Western European capital or other German cities. Plenty of kebap, pizza and Indian fast food stores are everywhere around the city and offer good food at budget price

– Drink tap water, it’s free, it’s eco-friendly and it’s healthy. Remember to not waste plastic bottles! 😉

– Join the free walking tour, is the best way to discover the city, learn a bit of its history, monuments and most important habits and useful practical information

– Try Hospitality club! ‘Our aim is to bring people together – hosts and guests, travelers and locals. Thousands of Hospitality Club members around the world help each other when they are traveling – be it with a roof for the night or a guided tour through town

berlintriumph-Sappi che il Tegel International Airport di Berlino non ha una stazione ferroviaria, quindi, non prendere un il treno per la stazione di “Tegel (S-Bahn)”, non è collegato con l’aeroporto, ma piuttosto al villaggio suburbano chiamato Tegel. Da li non è possibile raggiungere a piedi l’aeroporto. Autobus dall’Aeroporto vanno a Alexanderplatz, Hauptbahnhof (bus TXL), e il giardino zoologico (autobus X9 e 109) al costo di un biglietto standard. Impiega circa 45 minuti per Alexanderplatz. E’ molto più veloce scendere a Hauptbahnhof o Zoologischer Garten e cambiare per la S-Bahn (il biglietto è sempre valido).
– Se si arriva a Schönefeld (è l’aeroporto per la maggior parte delle compagnie low-cost) prendere un treno espresso (RB7 o RB14) piuttosto che la S-Bahn (S9 o S45). Questi treni espressi collegano da e per il centro di Berlino (Mitte), dalle 5:00-23:30 e dista circa 25 minuti da / per l’Alexanderplatz, 30 minuti da / per Berlin Hauptbahnhof e 35 minuti da / per Zoologischer Garten. Ci sono due treni (RB7 o RB14) ogni ora. I treni sono grandi e confortevoli e veloci.
– Da / per Berlino ci sono treni notturni da / per Amsterdam, Parigi, Zurigo, Vienna e Budapest ogni giorno. Prenotato in anticipo, ci sono tariffe a € 29. Questi treni sono famosi tra backpackers e viaggiaotir, quindi si consiglia di prenotare in anticipo
P1080092– Mezzi di trasporto pubblici a Berlino hanno vari biglietti standard che sono validi per qualsiasi viaggio entro due ore dalla convalida, in una sola direzione, all’interno delle zone tariffarie adeguate. Non vi è alcun limite ai trasferimenti. Per un singolo viaggio è possibile acquistare un Kurzstrecke economico per € 1,40, ma questo è valido solo per 3 fermate di U-Bahn o S-Bahn (sei fermate per autobus o tram), non sono consentiti i trasferimenti.
Mangiare fuori a Berlino è incredibilmente poco costoso rispetto a qualsiasi altra capitale occidentale o altre città tedesche. Tanti kebap, pizzerie, negozi indiani e fast food sono ovunque in giro per la città e offrono buon cibo a prezzo economico
– Bere acqua del rubinetto, è gratis, è ecologico ed è sano. Ricordati di riciclare le bottiglie di plastica! 😉
– Partecipa al tour gratuito a piedi, il free walking tour è il modo migliore per scoprire la città, imparare un po’ della sua storia, i monumenti e le abitudini più importanti e utili informazioni pratiche
– Prova Hospitality club! ‘Il nostro obiettivo è quello di unire le persone – padroni di casa e gli ospiti, viaggiatori e gente del posto. Migliaia di membri Hospitality Club di tutto il mondo si aiutano a vicenda quando sono in viaggio – che si tratti di un tetto per la notte o una visita guidata attraverso la città’

Festivals and events in Berlin

berlinlightsBerlin Film Festival is the city’s largest cultural event and one of the most important within the global film industry. 250,000 tickets sold, the ‘Berlinale’ is open to the public. Tickets are inexpensive and relatively easy to get for the “International Forum of Young Film” screenings and the “Berlinale Panorama” (movies which are not in the competition).

– Christopher Street Day is the Germans gay parade

– Fuckparade(Hateparade in the early days) in August started as an antiparade or demonstration against the commercialized Love Parade. The general motto of the Fuckparade is “against the destruction of the club scene”. The music is mostly independent/alternative/extreme electronic music.

P1080466-Festival del cinema di Berlino. Più grande evento culturale della città e importante nel calendario dell’industria cinematografica mondiale, tutte le proiezioni alla Berlinale sono aperte al pubblico.
– Christopher Street day è una nota manifestazione politica annuale per i diritti della cultura gay. Anche se siete indifferenti sulla questione, il Christopher Street Day di solito è uno spettacolo interessante
– Fuckparade nel mese di agosto. Il Fuckparade (Hateparade era il nome delle prime edizioni) ha iniziato come antiparade o manifestazione contro la Love Parade commercializzata. Il motto generale del Fuckparade è “contro la distruzione della scena club”. La musica è molto diversa rispetto al Love Parade: per lo più indipendente / alternativo / estremo musica elettronica.


Events in Germany

concertOktoberfest (Beer fest, folk fest) Munchen, Germany

SUMMERJAM 2013 (Festival, Reggae) Fühlinger See, Colonia, Germania Fri 05/7/ 2013 – Sun, 07/7/2013

MAYDAY 2013 (Festival, Electro) Dortmund, Germania Sat 27/4/2013

How to get here? What to see? What to eat and drink? Where to sleep? For any other practical information, click here.

Other german cities and destination:

Bremen – one of the most important cities in northern Germany, its old town is a slice of hanseatic history



4 bremen musicians


Old part of Bremen
Dresden — once called ‘Florence on the Elbe’ and world-famous for its Frauenkirche and rebuilt historic centre destroyed during World War II






Details of Dresdner Kulturpalast


Semperoper Theater


Christmas market in Dresden

Munich — Bavaria’s beautiful capital city, gateway to the Alps and the site of the famous OktoberfestBaltic Sea Coast — miles of sandy beaches and resorts with picturesque islands such as Rügen.

Allianz Arena Munich




Cologne — city founded by the Romans 2000 years ago with a huge cathedral, Romanesque churches, and archaeological sites
Düsseldorf — Germany’s capital of fashion also offers fascinating new architecture and a vibrant nightlife
Frankfurt — seat of the European Central Bank (ECB), with a skyline reminiscent of Manhattan (“Mainhattan”)
Hamburg — Germany’s richest and second-largest city, famous for its harbour; liberal and tolerant culture with its nightclubs and casinos along the Reeperbahn
Bavarian Alps — home to the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle, and Germany’s best skiing and snowboarding resorts. Endless hiking and mountain biking. Passion Play village Oberammergau.
Black Forest — a region with wide mountain peaks, panoramic views, it is a heaven for tourists and hikers.
East Frisian Islands — twelve islands in the Wadden Sea; Borkum is the largest island by both area and population.
Elm Lappwald — Beautiful forest area between Braunschweig and Helmstedt at the scenic “German Timber-Frame Road” a haven for a one-of-a-kind family vacation.
Franconian Switzerland — one of the oldest travel destinations in Germany, it was called by Romantic artists who said its landscape was of the aesthetic beauty of Switzerland’s.
Harz — a low mountain range in the Central Uplands of Germany, famous for its historic silver mines and for the scenic towns of Quedlinburg, Goslar and Wernigerode.
Lake Constance — an extremely beautiful corner of Central Europe, it boasts water sports and beautiful towns and villages to be seen by the visitor.
Middle Rhine Valley — part of the Rhine River is a UNESCO Heritage Site between Bingen / Rüdesheim and Koblenz and famous for its wines.
Romantic Road — a theme route over 400 km in length in southern Germany that passes by many historical castles, between Würzburg and Füssen. Old World Europe alive and well!
Schöningen — World famous for 320,000 year old spears, the oldest wooden artefacts, as well as the oldest weapons, ever found.