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Meet my friend, Ibrahim Awad Mohamed

ibrahim2Recently I had an interview for an online italian magazine. It was a nice experience, to tell my story, because I would like that more people could understand that downshifting is a positive path of our life.

In these 2 and half years travelling what I enjoyed the most, were not the wonderful sights, cities, monuments, landscapes … I loved the unique time spent with every single person I met, coming from a different lifestyle, with a different past, history, mentality.

I always thought about writing down what we were talking about. It could have come out an interesting book, collecting thoughts from people, travellers, explorers, free minds.
One of the most interesting person I have met is Ibrahim, we met in Bulgaria, in a hostel. Below you can read his story. I hope you will enjoy it!


Budget Euro Trip: Hi Ibrahim, tell us something about you

ibrahimIbrahim: Globetrotter! Vagabond! Hobo! Bum! Let me tell you a little bet about my self. I was born on the 22nd of November 1952.

I’m originally from Alexandria, Egypt. I have lived in USA, since July/20 /1978.

Since 1977, I’m on the go. I visited all over Europe, except, Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Russia,  Greenland, Iceland, Switzerland and Ireland.

In the Caucasus, I visited Georgia. All 50 states in USA, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St.John in the Virgin Island. All ten provinces in Canada, and Yukon Territory.

In the Caribbean, I visited Dominican Republic. In Africa I visited Morocco, and Tunisia. Also, I visited all over Mexico, Central America, except Belize. All over South America, except Falkland Island, The Guiana, Suriname and Paraguay.

In the Middle East, I visited Istanbul in Turkey. In South East Asia, I visited Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. In Indian Subcontinent, I visited Nepal, and India. In North East Asia, I visited China, Macau, Hong Kong. In South Pacific, I visited Australia, and New Zealand.

I’m free spirited, I could go wherever, whenever I feel like it. I have absolute freedom, therefore, nothing to tie me down or rush me along. I am looking for the complete experience, such as: Music, foods, cultures, traditions, arts, friends etc. I’m an adventure seeker.

Also, I hitched-hiked throughout USA, and Canada it has been a very unique, and exciting experience for me. I have met very generous Americans, and Canadians, some invited me to their homes for diner, and stayed over night, some offered me money, and they were very insisting. Also, on so many different occasions, I gave money, and put Gas in their cars to some motorist, which of whom, they gave me RIDE!

I never been married, and never will. Also, I don’t have any kids, because kids are big responsibilities.

Regarding religion.I don’t have any. All religions evolve out of Mythology, all Hocus, Pocus, Jumpo Pumpo, Witch Doctor Kamongo! Also, I believe, everybody entitle to his or her believe.

I don’t believe in Nationality or Religion, I considered those are the most two stupid ideas the man ever invented, If you aren’t one of us, you are a DEVIL, that make no sense, that hetrate, that bigotry.

What kind of justice that, either heaven, or hell fire, that’s too extreme.

I believe in peoples, humans, I’m Humanistic. Regardless of any different, every person is my sister or my brother, if some peoples don’t like me, that’s their problems, I keep going, never look behind.

My ultimate goal is to go all over the GLOBE, and be able to say, I have friends all over the GLOBE.

Also, I’m the author of the books: ” Wesson, and Smith Still in Control “, ” Rome Was a Corporation ” , ” What happened to Judea Christo Ethos? “, ” USA Stand for United Sheeps of America “, ” Epic Of Gilgamesh, and Book of the Dead Vs The Old Testament, and Koran “, ” Nation States VS Corporate States “, ” The Americans Are The Most Friendliest, and Generous Peoples On Earth “, ” Across Good Old USA, no Money Down “, ” Politicians, TV, Calculator, Computer and The Educational System Made Ass Out Of Americans “, ” NATO stand for North America Terrorist Organization “, ” 911 Was a Wake Up Call Vs. 911 Remote Control, Fundamentalists Jews, Christians, and Muslims, they are going to destroy the whole world! “, ” The Intellectual Elites in America Are Top of the Line, but average Americans Are Damn Idiots “, ” People are People, No Matter Where you are “, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly “, ” Americans Got Shit & and Stick! “. ” The Have Not, and Those Mother Whom They Have It !, ” AmericanTreat Each Other Like Shit “, ” Life Is a Game “, ” US Goverment is a terrorist organization “… No, no just kidding!!!!! 

Budget Euro Trip: How and when did you decide to travel and quit the ‘usual life’?

Ibrahim: I want to travel since I was a kid, but I started in 1977 to Rome, Italy, I have only $5.00.

Budget Euro Trip: Is it possible to travel without money or with a tight budget?

Ibrahim: Yes, its possible to travel without money or on tight budget. Being a Street Vender, Playing Music, Work for few Months, BEGGING for MONEY,…

Budget Euro Trip: What did you enjoy the most from this experience?

Ibrahim: FREEDOM, FREEDOM the most I have enjoying from this EXPERIENCE!

Thanks a lot!