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Hidden Italy: Abruzzo

2013-12-20 11.19.55A vacation in Abruzzo offers a taste of the unspoiled Italy. In Abruzzo you can combine within a short distance both sea and mountains.

Castles and Medieval towns are very popular tourist attractions. Abruzzo is also known for its ski resorts (mountain heights can compare to the some Alps) and cross country skiing. With many old villages abandoned and remained largely intact, the country side rich with historic sites, Abruzzo has picturesque sceneries to offer.

Abruzzo symbol is Gran Sasso, the highest mountain of the Apennine range. From the top of the Gran Sasso you have views of both the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian (Mediterranean) Seas. Much of the Abruzzo region is in national or regional parks. Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo is a large protected area with good hiking and biking trails. Gran Sasso has hiking trails, spring wildflowers, and winter skiing.

Stay in a rural and authentic agritourism resort! L’uliveto is one of the finest and oldest one in the whole region. Perfect if you like the quiet countryside, relax, good cuisine, wonderful views of mountains.

Lamb is very popular inland and the Abruzzo produces pecorino (lamb’s milk) and goat’s milk cheeses. Pork is also used frequently and on the coast there are many fish dishes.

Regarding drinks:

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (a red wine)
Trebbiano d’Abruzzo (a white wine)
Rosatello aquilano (a rosé wine)
Amaro Gran Sasso (one of the bitter digestive liqueurs)

Ratafia A wine from black cherries fermented in the summer sun

The regional capital of Abruzzo is L’Aquila.  Unfortunately in 2009 it suffered severe earthquake damages, the old city center is still not safe for living

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Last but not least here you are an example of delicious food you can try in Abruzzo: 3 appetizers, home-made local type spaghetti (alla chitarra), local brandy and deserts, all for 22€ per person (included wine, water, coffee)

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