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Why am I here…?

South italy…Apulia…Grottaglie and Taranto.

mare Because I love sea! Ionian sea is the most beautiful sea in italy!

maretramonto mare1 tramontobello tramonto1

muralesmuro because I like art and street art and Grottaglie is the perfect town for it!

grottaglieart2   grottaglieart arte

streetart2 streetart

bike2 because I like cycling and outdoor activities…

bike5 bike

bike3 bike4

eat3 because I LOVE organic, handmade and bio food

eat eat2 grottaglie3


muroestate  grottaglie Grottaglie

taranto2    taranto Taranto

surfserata My favorite summer bar: Surf cafè!

Outdoor in Moravia (Czech rep)

Memories from last autumn hiking tour near Palava/Kletnice, in Moravia, Czech rep










Eventually a deserved relax, drinking local bio-wine, having bio-yogurt and some rest