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Holy week (semana santa) or crazy week?

1 Don’t worry, I wasn’t at a ku klux klan meeting! 🙂

These ‘beautiful’ dresses are part of the incredible celebrations of ‘seman santa’ (the holy easter week) in Sevilla.

When spent my lovely winter in the sunny Sevilla, everyone told me some stories about ‘semana santa’ and I could also see the ‘training’ of the people encharged to carry the wooden float.

Well, still it was a huge surprise to see all the event with my eyes. First of all, I didnt’ expect so many people, starting all already from the monday (6 days before the sunday of easter). I arrived from Madrid by a blablacar ride and it took me almost 2 hours to reach my hostel, while normally it would have taken 15-20 minutes by walk!

5I was surprised by the partecipation of the locals, when a procession was passing by, everyone was assisting at it in a complete silence and they expect other people to do the same!

The entire city centre is full of this partecipative crowd.

The figures who join the processions have different roles. For more info,

I would suggest you to read the description on wikipedia.
I can tell you that, from my opinion, it was too much, I mean an entire big city paralized for a week? No thanks!

I did enjoy the view from the terrace roof of the hostel of few procession, but in the other hand I couldn’t move around for 6 days fearing to be stuck for hours in the crowd and I was awaked couple of nights for the loud music played during the processions (even during the late night and first hours of the day!!!!).

Anyway, it was an experience, to say the least!

2 Sevillans and people from the region do care a LOT and like to dress in fancy clothes for this holy/crazy week

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