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Malta: sea & sun!

1796637_462088437267178_1926332498345425522_n Malta is an incredible island in the heart of Mediterranean sea.

The island is small, from the northern point to the southern there are only 20 km…however you will have many things to do and see.

This was my second time in the island and I haven’t visited yet Gozo and Comino, the other 2 smaller islands, because, there are so many things to do and when you stay in Malta you want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere too. Then, no hurry!

Malta is well-connected to the rest of Europe, many low-cost flights are available, once you visit the island you will return back…

Malta has not only sea and sun, cultural sightseeing will take you busy as well, with a huge number of historical churches, a visit at the former capital,  Mdnia and at the actual one, Valletta (UNESCO World Heritage site for the massive number of historical buildings found in a tiny space).

I suggest buying a public transportation ticket. A ticket valid for 7 days costs only 6,50 Euro!

1620625_461125447363477_628086318804616917_nIf you are planning to spend some days in Malta, I can only recommend one place: Hostel Malti!

This hostel is managed by Chris and Aaron, two incredibly friendly guys. They will give you all the info and advises regarding the island and make you feel at home in their hostel.

Often they organize some events such as parties, BBQ, daily trips, drinking nights…

The hostel is located in the nightlife district, S. Julien, very close to public bus stops and rocks beaches. Everything you need is at walking distance.

A chill-out roof terrace, with a jacuzzi available for guests will do the rest, eventually you will return at Hostel Malti!

10599517_462088470600508_9099949678220244038_nVisit Blue Grotto!

From Hostel Malti, take bus going to Valletta’s HUB (nr. 12 and 13), then take a bus to Zurrieq (71) and from there to Blue grotto. It’s easier to do than to be explained. In any case maltese people and bus drivers are very friendly and they will give you all the info and help you might need.

It’s a fantastic day trip. I haven’t done it entirely, as I didn’t feel like a tourist. 🙂

However there are small traditional boats, with cheerful Maltese skippers, which will bring you to these big natural caves, you can admire them from the famous deep blue waters…The boat ride costs 8 euros per person. More info here.


10710852_462088710600484_3410572031003751732_nSunset at Dingli cliffs!

Another terrific day trip, with wonderful views, is at the Dingli cliffs.

From Rabat’s autobus hub you can catch bus nr. 201 that brings you to the stunning cliffs.

With friends or just by yourself, try to get there in the late afternoon, maybe carry a bottle of wine and wait for the sunset…

Hiking is a pleasant activity to do in the island.

From and to Dingli you can enjoy a walk in the surrounding area, in the maltese countryside.

10702199_461125337363488_6953359544170101251_nRelax and have fun at S. Julien district.

It’s known to be the active area of the small island, prefered by youngsters for its nightlife.

In fact bars, restaurants and clubs are widely spread in this village. Night is long here!

However I rather enjoyed the ‘brightest’ side of the place, during the day.

In the early morning you can walk along the promenade, there will be many doing jogging, same as in the evening.

During warm hours the flat rocks are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and read a book, while the sun is ‘kissing’ you…

Malta will surprise you, there are many activities to be done, according to your tastes. Outdoor sports, nightlife, good food are always available for your amusement.

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Uk or Spain?


Uk or Spain?

Exactly two months ago I was facing this decision.

I was thinking to move either to UK or Spain to try to get a job, after 2 years spent travelling (almost) the whole Europe.

Eventually I decided for Spain and I’ve spent there two months, working, as volunteer, and travelling.

What if I would had chosen Uk? Can’t say how it could have been but here is the list of things I could have done and visit over there:


Among the most famous landmarks in England. The mysterious stone ring was built thousands of years ago, today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

London Globe theatre

One of the most famous specific destinations in the UK, the Globe Theatre in London has the perfect mix of historical significance and modern intrigue. Built in 1599, the Globe still puts on some of the highest quality theatre performances in London. Its standing room seating is a glimpse into historical theatre, and while somewhat less comfortable, is worth the experience.

Dorset Jurassic Coast

For a part of the world that many think of as being cold year round, the UK has a number of gorgeous coastline stretches. Although, none are as visually striking as Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Located on the southern coast of the island along the English Channel, it’s an ideal spot for a relaxing UK getaway.

Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival

This annual horse race outside of London is an incredibly fun sporting event made noteworthy by its high volume betting activity and party atmosphere. The Betfair sporting exchange carries news, tips, and odds for the event. All of this information keeps fans busy for weeks in advance and makes the betting scene a blast to behold. Not to mention the venue and event are top quality!

The Lake District

Located in Cumbria, in the northwest portion of England, the Lake District is about as gorgeous an area as you can find in the UK, if not the world. It was formed in ancient days by glaciers, which caused the hills, valleys, and lakes to be simply breathtaking. They are popularly enjoyed by campers and hikers.

The Durham Cathedral

London’s architecture gets a lot of attention, but the best building in England to visit is the Durham Cathedral in Durham. A towering Norman structure right on the water, the cathedral was first built—or at least, first started—in the year 1093. It’s an unparalleled architectural beauty, and the surrounding area is a treat as well, from high-end spas to outdoor activities like golf, hiking and fishing.


London Sports scene

We mentioned the Cheltenham Festival, but London is also home to a number of irresistible sporting events. From the annual Boat Race rowing event between Cambridge and Oxford, to the Wimbledon tennis championships, to the FA Cup football final, there are exciting matches and tournaments all year round.

Hadrian’s Wall

For those with an interest in history, Hadrian’s Wall is every bit as fascinating as the likes of popular castles and cathedrals, or even Stonehenge. With construction started in 122 AD, the wall was Roman Emperor Hadrian’s attempt at protecting his province (then Britannia) from Scottish tribes. Much of the wall remains, however, and makes for an incredible hike.

londoncarnabyInternational capital of culture, music, ideas, football, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade. ‘This is London‘.

Biggest city of western Europe with many lively districts such as Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Notting Hill, Soho, Chelsea, Camden town, Hampstead…more info regarding London can be found here.

Shrewsbury: A town full of medieval black and white timber-framed buildings. Charles Darwin’s birth place

Brighton: Fashionable beach town, less than an hour by train from Victoria Station.

Winchester: Former capital of England and attractive cathedral city

Oxford and Cambridge: The university cities

Belgrade (again)

Again, shortly, few pictures from my 2 days spent in the serbian capital, reached by a night train from Sofia, in Bulgaria.

Belgrade at 6 am is probably the best way to discover this busy city full of caracther. The view from Kalemegdan, old city fortress, where you can see the two rivers Sava and Danube intersection always brings me positive mood.

I feel at home in Belgrade.

beo beog beogr

The main reason for it are the good friends and their intense sport life and passion. Belgarde is the city of Red Star – Crvena Zvezda – and partizan, two main clubs that are competing in many sports, from football to basket, from ice hockey to water polo.

Of course I could not miss a match of CZ even if I stayed only 2 days in the city, an important one, the quarter final of  water polo Champions league, to qualify for the final four, in Belgrade by the end of this month.


After meeting friends, sightseeing, watching a sport event, what else I like the most in this city? …

Eating! Burek with local yogurt is a must to try, at breakfast.



See you soon Belgrade!!!