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Olomouc: Czech rep is not only Prague…

olomCzech rep is not only Prague. This is what you will understand visiting Olomouc. Actually the best part of this country is outside the (beautiful) capital.

The city contains several large squares -the main one is adorned with the Holy Trinity Column, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; an astronomical clock in an uncommon Socialist Realist style; six baroque fountains and much more.

Other reasons to discover this city are listed below:

olom3– Beers. Small breweries are growing a lot in Czech land. This is only a good thing for beer lovers, they are ruling the market and big corporations have to follow them, have increased the quality, adapted the way they produce beers to, more naturally to able to compete with small-family run breweries. This is an important lesson to be learnt. A better economy, run from below and not dictated from above is very possible. Support small beers, don’t be afraid to try unknown labels, avoid big names such pilsner urquell, staropramen, gambrinus. You can drink a MUCH better product if you only want, at least in Czech rep. Litovel, Holba, Bernard, … In Olomouc try the small brewery and pub Moritz, Svatováclavský pivovar and Měšťanský pivovar

olom4– Hostel Poet’s corner. This small, cozy and genuine hostel has a nice story behind. You will have good time, meeting the owners of the hostel and its staff, they will give you all the useful info to discover Olomouc. You might join them for a beer and have good memories about Olomouc. The rooms are big, beds are comfortable and everything is quiet and kept clean. I liked the way it is decorated, the common room has old-style chairs and couches. You will also meet good and real travellers, for a laid back conversation and hang out time

olom9– A visit to Olomouc is a perfect day trip. Use the high class service company Student Agency, for a cheap but incredibly comfortable journey. Hostess, will provide you with free water, newspaper and hot drinks… Their prices are the best in the whole country. From Prague it takes not more than 2 and half hours and it costs (only) 7 Euro! Olomouc is a compact city, no need to use bus or tram to move around, from train station catch the tram, ticket is 14 czk – something like 0,50€

olom1– Park, botanic garden and…beer gardens. Enjoy the summer and the good seasons being outside in the city. There is a nice city park just outside the historical surrounded by medieval walls. Try to search for the ”hidden garden”. Is possible to visit a nice botanical garden, too.

– Olomouc will now be competing in the Extra League Hockey (the highest league
in the country) after a great season in first divison in 2013/14

The stadium is just around the corner from the Poet’s corner hostel. The Olomouc ‘Roosters’ have a strong following in Hockey mad Czech Republic.

olom2– Olomouc is a University city, with almost the 20% of its population formed by students. It is the second oldest university in Czech rep, with all the good and dark sides: empty during weekend and festivities, crowded during week-days. Parties, bars, clubs, unconventional arts are there for you.

Ladies and gentlemen: Cesky Krumlov!

2013-11-14 14.08.03Please try to have a look at the pictures I took, cause if you are travelling to Prague you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Cesky Krumlov, probably the most beautiful czech town (in Unesco list).
Actually my pictures couldn’t catch the proper beauty of this place, there is an atmosphere that even the highest technology (that I don’t have anyway…) can’t assimilate and record. Cesky Krumlov has to be seen with your own eyes, and the memory stored in your own heart.

Just a small ‘logistic’ advise, I’ve done only a short daily trip, which is very possible by catching a ‘student agency‘ bus from Prague bus station Na Knížecí (not the main bus station – Florenc). This is the best solution, a good and confortable bus, good price (less than 200czk – 8€). During peak season I’d recommend to book the ticket in advance.

2013-11-14 17.07.26 Spending a night in Cesky Krumlov is highly suggested, especially for a romantic experience, when in the city there won’t be big tourists’ groups.

There are many pensions and hostels for reasonable prices.

Restaurants are also in big numbers, I had the feeling that they were a bit adjusted to tourist tastes, as well as the majority of restaurant in Prague city centre, better to go somewhere off the beaten path if you want to try original tastes (this is valid always and everywhere).

First steps (and shots) in Cesky Krumlov

2013-11-14 14.00.01 2013-11-14 14.00.23 2013-11-14 14.01.48 2013-11-14 14.05.06  2013-11-14 14.07.13 2013-11-14 14.07.32 2013-11-14 14.07.49  2013-11-14 14.08.28 2013-11-14 14.09.08 2013-11-14 14.09.25

2013-11-14 14.27.57

Going toward the castle and the upper part

2013-11-14 14.10.21 2013-11-14 14.11.38

2013-11-14 14.15.12 2013-11-14 14.16.33

2013-11-14 14.15.53

2013-11-14 14.17.20 2013-11-14 14.18.13 2013-11-14 14.18.24

2013-11-14 14.19.10 2013-11-14 14.26.22

2013-11-14 14.26.49  2013-11-14 14.28.07

2013-11-14 14.28.52 2013-11-14 14.30.06

2013-11-14 14.33.08 2013-11-14 14.36.56

2013-11-14 14.37.48 2013-11-14 14.38.45 2013-11-14 14.40.58 2013-11-14 14.41.18  2013-11-14 14.55.54

2013-11-14 15.01.06 2013-11-14 15.01.20

2013-11-14 15.01.59 2013-11-14 15.11.29

Cesky Krumlov off the beaten path…

2013-11-14 15.14.30 2013-11-14 15.24.09 2013-11-14 15.24.19 2013-11-14 15.24.40

A smocky, original, working class pub just outside the historical city centre

2013-11-14 15.29.38 2013-11-14 15.32.13

A bit of unconventional art

2013-11-14 15.57.43 2013-11-14 15.58.39 2013-11-14 15.59.05 2013-11-14 16.00.12

And then again, up the castle for the last astonishing view

2013-11-14 16.07.49 2013-11-14 16.09.25 2013-11-14 16.10.05 2013-11-14 16.10.48 2013-11-14 16.10.59 2013-11-14 16.12.06

2013-11-14 16.12.31 2013-11-14 16.13.11 2013-11-14 16.17.53 2013-11-14 16.18.26 2013-11-14 16.25.14 2013-11-14 16.26.57 2013-11-14 16.28.38 2013-11-14 16.30.41 2013-11-14 16.38.16

2013-11-14 16.39.47 2013-11-14 16.41.17

2013-11-14 16.45.28 2013-11-14 17.04.45