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Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its name is tight with the america discovery.

Geographically the city is one of the southest in Europe. It is almost an island, surrounded by the atlantic ocean, connected to the european continent only by an istmo.

Cadiz was under domination of the ancient carthaginians, phoenicians, greeks, romans, arabs…which means that the city has assimilated a bit of all these cultures and histories.

How to get to Cadiz? Closest airport is at Jerez de la Frontera, however from Sevilla or any other destination in Spain I strongly recommend to use blablacar, it’s way cheaper than bus or train. An example? Train from Sevilla costs little more than 15€, a blablacar ride is 7 or 8€…

An hostel in Cadiz is Cadiz Inn Backpackers, very close to the bus and train stations, in the old town.

10295792_392824447526911_3105097104535277805_nHere some reasons to visit Cadiz:

-Seafood and ‘caracoles‘ (snails): both are typical from here. For a cheap seafood try at ‘La gorda te da de comer‘. You can get caracoles and a ‘caña‘ (small glass of beer) for 3€ in many andalusian bars

-Carnival: One of the most known and funny carnivals in Europe

-‘Cuba’: The old city has something that remind Havana, scenes of the James Bond movie ‘Die another day’ were filmed here. Also people in Cadiz are very friendly and talkative.

-Sherry: The famous drink to be fair is not from Cadiz but from Jerez de la Frontera, just 30 km far from the city

-Beach: The best reason to visit Cadiz! One of the best city beaches in Europe. Go to ‘Playa la Caleta‘ for the beautiful sunset.


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Back to Granada!

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There are few cities so beautiful that you want to return back and discover more about them.

This is the case with Granada. First time I spent 2 days there and I realized that it wasn’t enough.

Then I decided to go back, this time for 4 days, and fully enjoy the city and its incredible atmosphere.

Here is my list of tips:


2014-02-18 16.14.201 (uno)

Use blablacar website if you want to move around Spain.

It’s definetly convenient – trains are incredibly expensive and bus are also very slow. Moreover you will meet local people, most of them are interesting and funny, you will have a nice chat during the journey and practise a bit of spanish 🙂

Be a bit flexible, tollerant and open-minded: a 15 minutes delay is possible. At the same time be reliable!!!! If you are late, text it! This website is an incredible tool and I do hope it won’t be spoilt (as it happened with couchsurfing) by new ‘un-mannered’ users…


2014-02-20 19.15.022 (dos)

Stay at Granada Inn Backpackers hostel!

Atmosphere is laid-back, staff is very friendly, helpfull and sociable, they’re always inviting guests for activities, such as going out for tapas, having dinner…

Rooms are very clean and comfortables. It’s very well located in the city centre.

A list of activities are available: morning free walking tour, caves free walking tour (during the weekend), tapas tour and pub crawl…


3 (tres)2014-02-19 14.21.22

A day trip to Calahonda.

Granada not only is close to Sierra Nevada mountain. Sea and beaches are only 45 minutes away.

You might try to get a ride on blablacar or arrange a wonderful day trip with other guests at the hostel.

Bring food and drinks for a nice picnic (remember to clean after!!!), a ball and cream for the sun 🙂


2014-02-20 18.06.534 (cuatro)

Do not miss the free walking tours, organized by the hostel.

Especially the caves zone (Sacromonte) tour was something unusual and really interesting.

Discover the incredible hippy/artist community living in caves just in front of the famous and iper-touristic alhambra (more pictures are available below).

The morning tour will lead you around the ancient and beautiful (Unesco listed) albayzin neighbourhood


2014-02-21 00.31.065 (cinco)

Last thing that can’t be forgotten is…Tapas!!! 🙂

Granada is the only remaining city in Spain that offer free tapas when you order a drink.

Enjoy it! 😉

Local beer is Alhambra.



Sierra Nevada

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Hostel life:

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5 (cinco) things to do in Seville

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Join a free walking tour of Sevilla, it’s a wonderful city with many landmarks, the catedral the biggest church in the world, the river Guadalquivir, where Sevilla monopolized the new trade with the Americas, the Real Alcázar, a beautiful palace in arabic style, the Barrio Santa Cruz a former jewish neighborhood with narrow streets (if you feel lost, don’t worry, everyone can be lost there), Plaza de Espana, a wonderful building made for the southern america EXPO in 1929, Plaza de toros, one of the biggest and most famous bull fighting arena.  Sevilla has the 3rd largest old centre in Europe where you will find many tapas bars, restaurants, souvenir shops etc.

2014-02-07 16.02.242 (dos)

Try Tapas and cerveza!!!  Tapas it’s a small dish with some typical spanish food, it was used to be served for free, while now only in Granada they keep doing it, when you ordered a drink. Now a day it’s a cheap option to get tasty food. It’s full of tapas bar spread in the whole city, especially in the area of Alfalfa and Alameda square. One of the oldest bar in town is called ‘El Rinconcillo’, Calle Gerona. A budget option is a tapas bar called ‘Gitana Loca’, Calle Alfalfa, they serve beer ‘Estrella del sur’ in bottle for 0,50€… Beer (cerveza in spanish, who doesn’t know it??!!) is generally a light pilsner style one, ideally refreshing after a warm day. Local beer is Cruzcampo. Go for it!

1610015_360401250769231_678124922_n3 (tres)

Stay at the hostel Sevilla Inn Backpackers has a wonderful location, very close to the cathedral.

Enjoy the chill-out terrace where you can meet nice people and travellers like you,  drink a sangria and eat paella (they teach how to prepare it), one of the activities organized by the hostel.

Ask the staff for any info and suggestions, they are very helpful and kind. It’s also possible to book your next hostel through them and receive a small discount.



2014-01-21 19.36.384 (cuatro)

Watch a Flamenco show, it’s a symbol of Spain but actually its history is related to this region, especially to this city and to be even more precise, to a small minority, the roma/gipsy one (called gitanos in Spain). You can find everywhere bars that offer flamenco nights and shows (few with free entrance), especially in Triana, a former gitanos neighbourhood, where these dance and music were born and developed. Funny thing is that currently in Japan there are more flamenco music academies than in Spain…If you are staying at the Sevilla Inn backpackers is possible to book an incredible show at the ‘Museo del baile flamenco’ (museum of the flamenco dance), where you can assist at a top-level show with famous artists.

beer5 (cinco)

Have fun! Nightlife in Sevilla is never-ending and intense, the city is young, with many Erasmus students.

You should visit Alfalfa and Alameda areas, Alameida is a huge square where locals meet and drink their own ‘home-made’ cocktail brought from home or prepared at the moment by mixing liquors with soft drinks, a very common activity for young spanish, called ‘botellon‘. My favorite bars were ‘Red house’ (in Calle Amor de Dios) and ‘la bicicleteria’ (in Calle Feria) an alternative small (and smoky) bar.

Whatever you decide to do in Sevilla, enjoy you time in this sunny and nice city!

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