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Ukraine tour was one of my favorite. This land is much different from western europe, people are helpful and nice despite few of them can speak english. Also struggling with cyrillic alphabet it makes everything so ‘esotic’ and interesting.

Let’s start with some pictures of my long trip on the road.

Slovakia/ukraine border

walking around Uzhorod, small city close to slovakia border

sunday @ 9am local youngsters…great job!

@Lviv. Enjoying nightlife… Tongue Out

Lviv by night

local outdoor activity

Direction dnipropetrovsk, by night train…14 hours…


At my arrival at dnipropetrovsk, mr. Lenin was waiting for me…

The nice hostel I stayed at dnipropetrovsk

Pusata hata, cheap and good food!

the main reason I made 3000 km…to watch a football match of my club: SSC NAPOLI! Cool

sunny day @ dnipro river