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Controversial Europe

 European issues (related to religion, ethnic, politic…)…

Europe is not only monuments, churches, nice cities. If you like to have a better overview of this continent, you shouldn’t miss the chance to understand more about controversial situation and critical relations, often related to religion, ethnic, political reasons.

Below you can find some examples. When you travel in certain region, cities and countries, try to read about their history and political/social background…your trip might be more interesting.

Northern Ireland

belfastartThe Troubles (Irish: Na Trioblóidí) is the most common term for the ethno-political conflict in Northern Ireland. The duration of the Troubles is conventionally dated from the late 1960s and considered by many to have ended with the Belfast “Good Friday” Agreement of 1998.  However, sporadic violence has continued since then.The key issues at stake in The Troubles were the constitutional status of Northern Ireland and the relationship between its mainly Protestant unionist community and its mainly Catholic nationalist community. Unionists and loyalists generally want Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom while Irish nationalists and republicans generally want it to leave the United Kingdom and join a united Ireland. The Troubles involved republican and loyalist paramilitaries, the security forces of the United Kingdom and of the Republic of Ireland, and politicians and political activists.  Read more here.

Famed artists, like U2 (sunday bloody sunday) and The cranberries(zombie), dedicated songs to this topic…

More pictures from belfast and northern ireland:

belfastart2 belfastart3



mitrovicabridgenonatoThe Kosovo War was an armed conflict in Kosovo that lasted from 28 February 1998 until 21 June 1999. It was fought by the forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Kosovo Albanian rebel group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and NATO. The KLA, formed in 1991, began attacking police stations and Yugoslav government offices in February 1996, which resulted in an increase in the number of Yugoslav security forces in the region. This led to an escalation into a conflict, although it was initially viewed as an insurgency. The KLA was regarded by the US as a terrorist group until 1998 when it was de-listed for classified reasons. The US and NATO then cultivated diplomatic relationships with KLA leaders. Despite initial western claims of 500,000 Kosovo Albanians killed or missing, subsequent investigations recovered the remains of only several thousand victims. The NATO bombing and surrounding events have remained controversial. Read more here.

The pictures above and below was taken at Mitrovica(Serbia) with a bridge that divides the city in two parts, one controlled by albanias and one by Serbs).

More pictures from Mitrovica:

mitrovicast  mitrovicabridge  mitrovicaortodox

Similar controversial situations can be found in Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic and mostly all the former east block (for the relation with russian and former Soviet union empire), in western Europe, in Spain for independence claimed by Basques and catalans, in Hungary for the critical relations with neighbours countries like Slovakia and Romania for territories, in the Balkans region for similar issues and for the former war that declared the end of former Yugoslavia…